aposiopesis [noun]

Definition of aposiopesis:

breaking off in the middle of a sentence (as by writers of realistic conversations)

Synonyms of aposiopesis:

Opposite/Antonyms of aposiopesis:


Sentence/Example of aposiopesis:

The aposiopesis was alarming, and Blarden's direction was obeyed instantaneously.

Though in my edition I have made here an aposiopesis, I think it more probable that a line has been lost.

There may have been, as Malone thought, a line lost here; but I rather think it is an aposiopesis.

There is either an aposiopesis or a line lost after this; I think the latter.

There may be a line lost here; I make in preference an aposiopesis.

The aposiopesis here is in character with Hotspur, but there may be a line or more lost.

The aposiopesis, so suited to the hasty, impetuous character of the speaker, makes all clear.

There is an evident aposiopesis here, which the editors have not perceived.

There is perhaps an aposiopesis here; otherwise I should incline to read touch, as Mr. Knight and Collier's folio also read.

A line at least has, I think, been left out after the first; or there may be an aposiopesis.