avarice [noun]

Definition of avarice:

  • Extreme greed for wealth or material gain
  • An excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain

Synonyms of avarice:

Opposite/Antonyms of avarice:

Sentence/Example of avarice:

His avarice led him to exploit his workers for greater profits.

The CEO's avarice was evident in his lavish lifestyle while his employees struggled.

Avarice often drives people to make unethical decisions.

Her avarice prevented her from sharing her wealth with those in need.

The politician's avarice was revealed through numerous corruption scandals.

Avarice can destroy relationships and lead to a lonely life.

His avarice knew no bounds, as he continually sought more power and money.

Avarice blinded him to the suffering of those around him.

Stories of avarice often serve as moral lessons about the dangers of excessive greed.

She renounced avarice and dedicated her life to helping others.