besmirch [verb]

Definition of besmirch:

  • To damage the reputation or good name of someone.
  • To make something dirty or discolored.

Synonyms of besmirch:

Opposite/Antonyms of besmirch:

Sentence/Example of besmirch:

The scandal threatened to besmirch his otherwise stellar reputation.

Her comments were intended to besmirch the company’s image.

The politician's opponents tried to besmirch his name during the campaign.

Mud and dirt from the rainstorm besmirched her white dress.

He worked hard to clear his name after it was besmirched by false accusations.

Gossip and rumors can easily besmirch someone’s character.

The journalist was accused of trying to besmirch the celebrity's reputation.

The beautiful painting was besmirched by graffiti.

They sought to besmirch her honor with baseless allegations.

The incident besmirched the town's reputation for being a safe place.