Capabilities [noun]

Definition of Capabilities:

ability to perform

Synonyms of Capabilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capabilities:

Sentence/Example of Capabilities:

A woman with such capabilities would be wasted in the rle of a mere countess—but as the wife of an aspiring Liberal statesman!

But it was Austerlitz which taught the students of war the true capabilities of this rising officer.

The two versions of this fable are also instances of the relative capabilities of the French and the English four-stress lines.

There are many such, to whom have been given great capabilities; one only is wanting—courage.

What would not English taste have effected with the capabilities of Rambouillet?

I didn't know that you were a student of sociology—could estimate capabilities and get everyone in their right groove.

Now, no one can look at Chopin's hand, of which there exists a cast, without perceiving at once its capabilities.

A very young lady of great charm, who makes you feel instantly her artistic capabilities even in ordinary conversation.

Of the Nahua hieroglyphic system and its capabilities enough has been said elsewhere.

She is much like the Ruggles of 1858, but has less steam capabilities.