crabwise [adjective]

Definition of crabwise:

  • Sideways, in the manner of a crab.
  • In a cautiously indirect or sideways manner.

Synonyms of crabwise:

Opposite/Antonyms of crabwise:

Sentence/Example of crabwise:

The soldier moved crabwise along the trench to avoid detection.

She advanced crabwise towards the exit, hoping not to draw attention.

The dog approached the suspicious object crabwise, ready to dart away if needed.

He edged crabwise to the front of the crowd to get a better view.

The crabwise movement of the car indicated a problem with the alignment.

The dancer moved crabwise across the stage, creating an interesting visual effect.

The politician answered the difficult question crabwise, avoiding a direct response.

The cat moved crabwise, stalking its prey with cautious steps.

The hikers made their way crabwise along the narrow ledge.

She glanced crabwise at her friend, hoping for some nonverbal support.