defalcation [noun]

Definition of defalcation:

The act of misappropriating or embezzling funds, typically those entrusted to one's care.

Synonyms of defalcation:

Opposite/Antonyms of defalcation:

Sentence/Example of defalcation:

The company's accountant was arrested for defalcation of funds.

Defalcation can severely damage the reputation of any financial institution.

Strict auditing procedures are in place to prevent defalcation.

The non-profit organization faced a scandal due to the defalcation of donations.

He was convicted of defalcation after it was discovered he had siphoned money from the charity.

Measures were implemented to detect and prevent defalcation within the organization.

The defalcation by the treasurer went unnoticed for several years.

She was accused of defalcation after a large sum of money went missing from the company's accounts.

The bank installed new security systems to combat defalcation.

Defalcation is a serious crime that can lead to lengthy prison sentences.

The CEO's defalcation led to a major financial crisis for the company.

An internal audit revealed the extent of the defalcation committed by the financial manager.

The organization implemented strict financial controls to prevent defalcation.

The defalcation was discovered during a routine audit of the company's finances.

Defalcation can undermine public trust in financial institutions and organizations.