Folders [noun]

Definition of Folders:

paper envelope for holding items

Synonyms of Folders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Folders:


Sentence/Example of Folders:

Finally, they needed to go to the recovery folder and purge it to permanently delete the email, the official explained.

In his early days in the field, Finney says, “you would spread your folder of nomograms on the hood of your pickup and make your projections in thick pencil,” charting on a topo map where the fire would be in an hour, or two, or three.

Do make sure to keep your emails inbox-friendly to avoid your notifications ending in the spam folder.

Each shortcut can open a file or a folder, or launch a program.

Meanwhile, her children weren’t even given instruction online when schools shut down — they were sent home with giant folders full of paperwork and told to complete it.

This particular model has 240 pages and inner storage folders to hold even more memories.

A big six-inch fixed blade will span large pieces of wood better than a small folder.

Create a new folderCreate a new folder in your work folder to add all the ElasticSearch Modules.

“This folder is available almost everywhere in the office,” Nakajima says.

One of the men asked David if he had any map of the region, and David hunted up a railroad folder which contained a map of Alaska.