fugleman [noun]

Definition of fugleman:

  • A leader, organizer, or spokesperson for a group or movement.
  • A soldier who stands in front of a military company to demonstrate and lead drill exercises.

Synonyms of fugleman:

Opposite/Antonyms of fugleman:

Sentence/Example of fugleman:

The charismatic fugleman inspired his team to work harder.

She became the fugleman of the environmental movement.

The coach acted as the fugleman, leading his team through drills.

In the protest, he was seen as the fugleman, organizing chants and movements.

The general served as the fugleman during the parade, showcasing military precision.

Her role as the fugleman in the project was crucial for its success.

The fugleman demonstrated the new dance moves to the rest of the class.

He was a natural fugleman, always at the forefront of any new initiative.

The fugleman’s speech galvanized the crowd into action.

As a fugleman, she had the responsibility to lead by example.

The fugleman of the rebellion was eventually captured by authorities.

The students looked up to their teacher as a fugleman in their academic pursuits.

His role as a fugleman in the tech industry made him a sought-after speaker.

The fugleman’s presence was enough to keep the troops in perfect formation.

She took on the role of fugleman, guiding her friends through the hiking trail.