futz [verb]

Definition of futz:

1. Fool around; to act without plan or purpose; - usually used with around; as, to futz around with a device without understanding its operation.

2. To waste time or energy on unimportant or trivial matters.

3. To meddle or interfere in a way that is annoying or disruptive.

4. To fiddle or tinker with something in an aimless or ineffective way.

Synonyms of futz:

Opposite/Antonyms of futz:

Sentence/Example of futz:

1. The good thing is this precedent frees us individuals to imaginatively futzwith our own budgets including the reporting of tax expenses.

2. He's always futzing around with his car.

3. Stop futzing with my things!

4. He's been futzing with that old car for years.