gehenna [noun]

Definition of gehenna:

1. a place where the wicked are punished after death

2. depending on interpretation of religious texts, one of various names for just one hell

3. one of various hells in Abrahamic religions, being the hell into which sinners are cast after judgment for eternal suffering

4. a place of suffering and misery

Synonyms of gehenna:

Opposite/Antonyms of gehenna:

Sentence/Example of gehenna:

1. The Gehenna has turned into a Vale of Sharon full of lilies, lilacs, and acacias.

2. It would be improper for a man to think that sinners in Gehenna are deprived of the love of God.

3. Gehenna is beneath the lowest part of the earth and the seas of darkness.

4. A damned soul, who, in the midst of the furnace, should suddenly perceive the outlet of Gehenna, would experience what Jean Valjean felt.