Incubator [noun]

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Xue had left a failed experiment, a dish full of human tumor cells, in the incubator, and when he looked two weeks later, he found a dish full of neurons.

That’s exactly what Ocean Spray is doing with the incubator which has just five employees dedicated full-time to it.

With each new brand idea, the incubator is running market tests, analyzing the success of those tests and then deciding whether or not to proceed with the brand.

It’s like a comet incubator, says planetary scientist Gal Sarid of the SETI Institute, who is based in Rockville, Md.

Live on air, she said the Iraqis had removed 312 babies from incubators and left them to die on the cold floor.

Where electric current is available, it can be used to heat an incubator much better and cleanlier than the kerosene lamp.

The most important part of the incubator is the thermostat which regulates the current to maintain a steady heat.

The incubator should be run for a day or two so that the current may be well regulated before placing the eggs in the tray.

An incubator about hatching time is a wonderful object lesson in teaching the story of life.

And this, too, when it has been unreservedly believed that the incubator was a modern triumph of Western science!