surmount [verb]

Definition of surmount:

get on top of; deal with successfully

Synonyms of surmount:

Opposite/Antonyms of surmount:

Sentence/Example of surmount:

1. The absolute want of room is an evil that nothing can surmount.

2. He surely must surmount his older brother.

3. Towers also surmount the angles of the terraces of the two upper stages.

4. Together, horse and driver conspired to surmount the hill.

5. He is quite confident that we can surmount these difficulties.

6. When by the aid of man they surmount these, they often dominate with unexpected vigour the native vegetation amongst which they are colonists.

7. You were trained to surmount any obstacle

8. He did not appreciate as sufficiently as David Strauss and the Tubingen critics the difficulties which a natural theory has to surmount, nor did he support his conclusions by such elaborate discussions as they deemed necessary.

9. We will work with you to surmount that impasse

10. Their small majority made them all the more conscious of the problems they needed to surmount to win the next election.