Abash [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Abash:

Rag′abash, a low fellow; Rag′amuffin, a low, disreputable person.

Nor did her presence in the least abash the boys, for they saw no impropriety in the act.

Even the supreme solemnity of the Wafer borne through the kneeling streets cannot abash the trustful gaze of childhood.

How strong and pure the fire in her must be when her father's presence could not abash her from this betrayal of her love!

The young lady looked rather astonished, and not over well pleased, but this did not in any way abash Mr Glover.

Nor was he, perhaps, without the wish in his turn to disconcert and abash the Egyptian.

To each he made some apt reply, for even the priestesses of Baaltis could not abash Metem.

So he; at whose sharp reprimand abash'd The embattled host to closer conflict moved,505 Obedient to their counsellor and King.

The presence of the strangers did not abash her in the least.

How dost thou abash this fair company with thy mournful speech.