Soothe [verb]

Definition of Soothe:

calm, ease

Opposite/Antonyms of Soothe:

Sentence/Example of Soothe:

Milza endeavoured, in her own artless way, to soothe the distress her words had excited.

Then would Flossy be ready with her gentle drops of oil to soothe the ruffles.

Her heart hurt until her hand crept to her side in an effort to soothe it.

The man continued to address, to expostulate, to pray, to soothe.

She was pale and frightened; but she had no other care than to soothe him and get him away, for his own dear sake.

When I went to him to soothe him he showed me his little medal of the Holy Virgin.

The poor station-master was rather embarrassed, and tried to soothe me.

The call to his son to soothe his wicked mother is the ghost's last utterance.

He was very restless and nervous to-night and when he is in that condition he says I soothe him.

He can tame tigers and panthers and soothe serpents and dragons.