Help [noun]

Definition of Help:

assistance, relief

Synonyms of Help:

Opposite/Antonyms of Help:

Sentence/Example of Help:

In that situation, had there been a number to call to get the help of social workers, the result might have been different, according to Schwartz.

Don’t try to fix a ballot with tape or correction fluid if you mess up, and don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.

Eighty-five percent of restaurants will probably close if we don’t get some help from the government.

Extra step — check whether your structured data actually works with the help of Google’s Rich Result Test.

The legislation offered limited help to tenants of the Galleria.

Google is aiming to provide users with quick reliable information on the election results with help from partners.

Google may perceive pages that are light on content, such as help center pages that address only a single question, as not necessarily providing value to users, said Splitt.

This is achieved with the help of predictive models that use technologies like machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.

Some parents have banded together in so-called pandemic pods to teach their kids, sometimes with the help of a paid tutor or teacher.

The biggest help in getting up to speed was Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast.