Cure [noun]

Definition of Cure:

solution to problem, often health

Opposite/Antonyms of Cure:

Sentence/Example of Cure:

An MSNBC producer quit her job in the middle of a pandemic last month, calling the cable news industry “a cancer” without a cure.

For example, if you have cancer, God forbid, if there is a cure, you would pay a lot for that cure.

From its research, AGT believes a cure is attainable and is now taking the significant step of testing in humans.

An approach for developing cures for genetic diseases is gene editing, a technique that makes changes directly to DNA.

Each specialist has a unique set of skills—medic, scientist, researcher—and gameplay involves splitting time between treating infections and gathering the resources you need to invent a cure.

After letting the cement cure for 28 days, it now was at least 25 percent stronger than graphene-free cement.

I mean, we might be able to do things like cure cancer or help manage climate change more effectively.

The man with the automobile, the corn-cure, and the baby grew to be legendary in the villages of Provence.

Her stern was towards him, and all he saw of her was the ironical legend, “Cure your Corns.”

If she have a tongue that can cure, and likewise mitigate and shew mercy: her husband is not like other men.