Proprietary [noun]

Definition of Proprietary:

control, ownership

Synonyms of Proprietary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proprietary:




Sentence/Example of Proprietary:

He always said "your Bible," as if church members held a proprietary right.

"My daughters," said Olivo, turning to Casanova with a proprietary air.

It will readily be seen how advantageous these proprietary rights must have been to the wife.

The proprietary interest which she had always felt in him was more than ever hers now.

"I have a plan for her," said Harold, with a proprietary air.

He used to let his brother off for Sunday afternoons with quite a proprietary air.

He felt that he had a sort of proprietary interest in his guest.

It abhors the absence of proprietary or possessory rights as a kind of vacuum.

The proprietary beef foods are also valueless as infant foods.

Advowsons are the last offices to retain a proprietary character.