Occupancy [noun]

Definition of Occupancy:

residence of place

Synonyms of Occupancy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occupancy:


Sentence/Example of Occupancy:

Other people desired to sit in Alice's nook, but discovered her in occupancy.

Juarez is the only President of Mexico who has died in the occupancy of his office!

A way must be found to trick her into giving him the occupancy.

Everything about it had been put in complete repair, and it was ready for occupancy.

The state-room was not fit for the occupancy of a decent person.

There had been changes in the room since Gerard's occupancy of it.

That morning the room had been well filled, warm, and in the occupancy of the Lady Deedes.

Sadie was not to be told until the store was ready for occupancy.

Another winter was now advancing, and the house in the city was ready for occupancy.

The farmer's cottage will finally be ready for occupancy next week.