Deed [noun]

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Because it takes these murderous thieves who did terrible things — like locking women and children in a burning church — and makes them a symbol of freedom and adventure, erasing their wicked deeds from historical memory.

Beyond the money, though, Currey is grateful that his good deed propelled someone else to do good, too.

Their explanation of why someone like Danson would obscure his good deed “is based on the intuition that making a positive signal harder to spot can serve as a signal in itself,” they write.

Water rights were bought and sold through private contracts and government deeds, and public agencies doled out most of the coveted commodity.

Miss Manners lives in hope that people will learn to care enough about their reputations to curb their offensive words and deeds.

They were shocked when their competition-turned-good deed started to spread to other communities.

Is it true that whenever we are about to do an ill or unjust deed a shadow of the fruits it will bring comes over us as a warning?

She pressed her hands tighter upon her bosom; her eyes sparkled with an odd approval of that brisk deed.

It is not likely that the inhabitants of Ivrea, who thus commemorate her heroic deed, will ever forget their Mugnaia.

Poor wretches—they were afraid to refuse, yet their gorge rose at the deed, and they fired at the ceiling!