Stoppage [noun]

Definition of Stoppage:

halt, curtailment

Synonyms of Stoppage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoppage:

Sentence/Example of Stoppage:

I had seen the flying-belt thrown from the machine and the stoppage of the engine.

Cornell, it is stated, injured his machine to furnish an excuse for the stoppage of the work.

They had their aim disarranged by the sudden jolt and stoppage of the car.

He must have noticed the stoppage, but he came straight on until he joined the group.

How sublime was the stoppage of a mail as the index of rebellion.

Try as they might, they could find no cause for the stoppage.

The choking of a plane is the stoppage of the throat by shavings.

I had my own particular reason to rejoice coincident with the stoppage of the grass.

That the stoppage is not a fact, because nature abhors a vacuum?

After a stoppage of an hour and a half, the "Ellis" started down the river.