Continuation [noun]

Definition of Continuation:

addition; maintenance

Opposite/Antonyms of Continuation:

Sentence/Example of Continuation:

Our agreement with Israel helps advance this strategic imperative, and it represents a continuation of Bahrain’s approach to peacemaking as the only realistic option for the advancement of our two peoples.

We have a peaceful transition or continuation of power and continue to work to make things better.

We already know that, but it is certainly, as she said, a continuation of that, understanding that we have a right over our own bodies and to name practices that have been going on forever.

There has always been a continuation of philosophy and approach from the founder and the people that followed him.

“This is a continuation of Buffett spreading his international wings,” Stephen Innes, chief global analyst at online forex trader AxiCorp, said in a note Monday.

In each example below, the prompt we generated is in ordinary font and the system’s continuation is in bold.

That is, even if sexual selection explains why male and female chimps differ in size, the human dimorphism could have more to do with their common ancestry with chimps than with a continuation of sexual selection.

Newhall Street, and a new thoroughfare made in continuation of Bread Street.

It is sincerely to be hoped that a little later we shall have a continuation of the work from Mr. Withers' pen.

In continuation of this topic, may I inquire when and where the two following bishops, deprived in 1690, died?