Proceed [verb]

Definition of Proceed:

physically or mentally carry on, carry out

Synonyms of Proceed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proceed:

Sentence/Example of Proceed:

Then I heard a mighty voice, that seemed to proceed from within the Parthenon.

From what I know of our young brother, I am satisfied he will proceed most cautiously.

Therefore, proceed to place the rubber and cover on the jar.

Proceed with the remainder of the process as in canning peaches.

We revile them for it and proceed to make moral monsters of our own children.

They must proceed, in fact, as if they were founding a great city on a hostile soil.

A mile further it was necessary to dismount and proceed on foot.

He paused for a while, and his Uncle waited for him to proceed.

And in this decision he seemed as firm as had she in her intention to proceed.

"Proceed with what you were saying," I returned, with some dignity.