Fail [verb]

Definition of Fail:

be unsuccessful

Opposite/Antonyms of Fail:

Sentence/Example of Fail:

In this kind of “lights-out” datacenter, the servers would be swapped out about once every five years, with any that fail before then being taken offline.

An engineer’s brilliant plan for an automated system that would work for the billion dollar travel entity, but result in the failed account of the small realtor isn’t actually the right way…even if it’s more efficient for some automated program.

He constantly insists that his approval rating among Republicans is at 96 percent, an invented figure, and nearly as often insists that polls are failing to capture his full support.

However, the system was triggered erroneously by a single sensor that failed in both crashes and it continued to push the nose down repeatedly.

I woke up before 7 AM, and the feeling of dread increased with every passing hour as the sun failed to appear.

If organizations working on global AI ethics fail to acknowledge this, they risk developing standards that are, at best, meaningless and ineffective across all the world’s regions.

A previous attempt by Nvidia to break Qualcomm’s dominance of that business failed.

The only way to fail at meditation is if you try to do something.

No risk-taking would mean Netflix losing out on top talent, overlooking a shifting marketplace, and failing to conceptualize innovations.

It would make everyone careful, of course, but I fail to see any grievance in that.