Flop [noun]

Definition of Flop:

miserable failure

Synonyms of Flop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flop:

Sentence/Example of Flop:

That doesn’t mean the new platforms are a flop — or even that they aren’t great.

It was an expensive flop, plagued by delays and quality issues, and the company ended up in bankruptcy.

Whether ill-judged or simply ahead of its time, the transition was a resounding flop.

The company has been rumored for sometime to be working on a less expensive follow-up to its flop smart speaker, the HomePod.

If it’s a flop, we probably will never learn how many people took advantage.

For example, if you’re a shoe business going after an Australian audience, you would probably be better off targeting “thong” rather than “flip flop” keywords.

Bud turned his hotcakes with a vicious flop that spattered more batter on the stove.

Never a flop of tail to indicate gratitude for blandishments, never the faintest symptom of canine appreciation.

One of these days Dan will take a flop and land clean over in the Thatcher camp.

She says to tell you it looks at last like our old eagle bird will have a chance to flop its wings in France.