Wonder [noun]

Definition of Wonder:


Synonyms of Wonder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wonder:

Sentence/Example of Wonder:

The birds feel it—and wonder at the tune that makes no noise.

"If you still love Paralus, I wonder you can be so quiet and cheerful," said Eudora.

"I wonder what the old man will say when he sees me," he soliloquized.

Where is he, I wonder, and how long have I got to wait for him?

I wonder what Will Paine will say when he sees the good care you take of it.

No wonder Florence has a hard time of it; but isn't it wretched of me to gossip?

I wonder whether I shall ever be rich enough to live like this!

I wonder how it would seem to live on such an island as this?

To the end of the lives of the spectators, it was a tale of wonder.

But he could not help looking back to wonder at the surprising likeness.