Uncertainty [noun]

Definition of Uncertainty:

doubt, changeableness

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncertainty:

Sentence/Example of Uncertainty:

The Street came decorously, albeit with a degree of uncertainty as to supper.

The child did not know what to say, but it was not natural to her to remain long in uncertainty.

Then there had been the misery of terrible suspense, a wait of uncertainty.

This uncertainty led to a most unfortunate precipitation on his part.

There was something of uncertainty and remonstrance in her look; something that was not all satisfaction.

The uncertainty vexed him, and it seemed as if the affair was never to have an end.

There's the loss of time it has occasioned, the worry, the uncertainty: who is to repay me all that?

I can bear anything but the uncertainty you leave me in at this moment.

Prada again felt worried, a prey to the discomfort of uncertainty.

Work an uncertainty, work hopeless, work always ending in injustice!