Disquiet [noun]

Definition of Disquiet:

worry; mental upset

Synonyms of Disquiet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disquiet:

Sentence/Example of Disquiet:

Liang, still suffering the effects of a traumatic childhood back in China, thrashes violently in his sleep and trudges through his days in a fog of disquiet.

As they got lower and lower down the hill, her wretchedness and disquiet became acute, to the point of a wild despair.

The disquiet indicated resembles rather that attending the uncertainties of the Nile campaign.

Yet, conscious that he had said nothing that was wrong, he felt no disquiet.

Do you ever sigh and disquiet your heart, Christian pilgrim, because God has not given you wealth and worldly ease?

Her gentleness touched him but caused him disquiet, too, because he could not help realizing that a great part of it was apathy.

More than once had he striven to shake himself out of these thoughts, and out of this disquiet.

Cinna's former disquiet returned with a hundredfold greater force and took complete possession of him.

He was to find the kingdom plunged in disquiet, a prey to internal discord fostered by foreign princes.

But although no one noticed anything amiss, the days were bringing her an acute disquiet.