Distress [noun]

Definition of Distress:

pain, agony

Opposite/Antonyms of Distress:

Sentence/Example of Distress:

Their failure to act was unacceptable and affected hundreds of thousands of people, which may have caused some anxiety and distress as a result.

Sometimes it’s even a sign that the tree is in distress, Aiello says.

It’s addressing the economic distress that I’ve seen growing up in very disenfranchised neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Stay put, build a camp, signal your distress and wait for help.

Carrying a whistle in your survival kit can signal your distress to others, day or night, as long as you have breath to blow it.

While this study was quite small, and the older adults involved were all initially healthy with limited symptoms of mental distress, Sturm says she’s hopeful about the results.

The look of distress had vanished, and his sincere eyes seemed to shine again with courage and with strength.

Her face wore a look of distress, almost of alarm; she kept her place, but her eyes gave Bernard a mute welcome.

Finally, his predicament became so awkward that an expression of distress crept into his face.

In fact, in two places some of our men cried out in distress that we were all lost.