Suffering [noun]

Definition of Suffering:

pain, agony

Synonyms of Suffering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffering:

Sentence/Example of Suffering:

I'm always amused when I read about the suffering in the tenements.

But in the end this period of suffering proved a real blessing.

Their suffering was great but they never lost courage and help was near.

Of course he's suffering, my dear—but look at the smile on him!

Well, even if we were, we've no right to get our happiness out of her suffering.

He, too, was found to be suffering from incipient tuberculosis.

So, she went through the inferno of days and nights in a dreariness of suffering that was deadly.

In these moments, the strength of him, nourished by suffering, was putting forth its flower.

She had learned the law of compensation: that for every joy one pays in suffering.

They are a pack of ignorant blockheads; you are suffering from the lungs.