Torture [noun]

Definition of Torture:

severe mental or physical pain

Synonyms of Torture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torture:

Sentence/Example of Torture:

Torture comes, in the minds of many of us, to be not only His main function but His only function.

Torture underwent a special development in the Euphrates valley.

It was a grim business that waited him in the Torture Lodge.

Torture and mutilation, metaphorically speaking, are possible to him.

Torture had been threatened, the fire had been threatened; what was left?

Torture may change your mind, as shame shall change your body.

Torture and the cruellest forms of punishment were employed.

Torture was freely used, and slavery was the fate of defaulters.

Torture me—curse me before Heaven—I care not—I am yours—body and soul.

"Torture shall not wrest it from me," answered his sister, firmly.