Contentment [noun]

Definition of Contentment:

comfort, happiness

Synonyms of Contentment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contentment:

Sentence/Example of Contentment:

Unless cats are hungry or mating or directly threatened, they default to a condition of rest or contentment or tranquility — basically the opposite of humans.

Fogel includes footage of Khashoggi sinking into this big, puffy chair, his face radiant with contentment he feels he has finally earned, just within reach.

The speech came to an abrupt end when, losing her balance, she fell to the ground, and lay there in drunken contentment.

And a hint of mothering contentment stole sweetly over him behind this shadowy yet genuine consolation.

He succeeded, however, and soon was puffing clouds of pungent smoke into the air with the utmost contentment.

An industrious housewife, she hummed the hymns of contentment and peace from morning till evening.

Following this he sighed with a great contentment and twiddled his bare toes openly and flagrantly in the eyes of all Coldriver.

Thrse, now serving her guests, now one of them herself, is content; and contentment is better than joy.

In fact riding seemed to bring to her the only contentment she had known since she had come to the Greek Letter Ranch.

She could not speak, but, with a sigh of contentment, allowed her head to fall upon the broad bosom of her son.