Sadness [noun]

Definition of Sadness:

unhappiness, depression

Opposite/Antonyms of Sadness:

Sentence/Example of Sadness:

There is a sadness in her face, for it is only a year ago they lost their little one.

His tone softened to one of sadness, and again he glanced toward Daisy.

My dear, I laugh; but even in the midst of laughter there is sadness.

He liked this eagerness on the part of his boys, and yet there was sadness in his smile, too.

But still the sadness might not be that of love,—she had felt sad after Legard had gone.

Look searchingly at happiness, and note with sadness that a tear stains her cheek.

Even by Rachel's bedside she could not quite throw off the sadness.

Hamish turned upon him with a smile, but his tone changed to sadness.

Sending back the money to Mr. Galloway is not a cause for sadness.

The sadness had been painful, the result of a great and unexpected misfortune.