Dejection [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dejection:

Of just such a dejection of spirit had she observed the signs in Valerie; let them profit by it while it lasted.

Every third day his convulsive tremblings, his dejection, his fits of wandering, seemed to indicate the approach of dissolution.

Sitting down at the table, he dropped his head into his hands and shut his eyes in utter dejection.

Perhaps it would make them ashamed of their dejection, and fill them with the spirit of the heroic days.

Thus he sat, dejection and despair stamped on his homely face; haughty, yet a suppliant; a king, yet only by sufferance.

Sophie Charlotte's deep sorrow and dejection on this parting was the secret herald of fate to herself.

Nor was this dejection because of laurels tarnished, wholly.

The attitude of utter dejection, the look of matchless misery upon that angel's face sank into my heart like water into a sponge.

It is what I feared, he said, rising from where he sat reading his great Bible, with an air of heartbroken dejection.

The tendency of men endowed with genius like his to indulge in extravagances of dejection when Its motive.