Depression [noun]

Definition of Depression:

low spirits; despair

Opposite/Antonyms of Depression:

Sentence/Example of Depression:

Problems in the stress response can set kids on a path toward behavior struggles along with increased risk for depression, diabetes and a host of other health problems.

About 200 patients worldwide have tried the technique for depression, Widge said.

As they grow up, these kids also face an elevated risk for depression, diabetes and a host of other health problems.

Digital health company Sonde Health measures the human voice as a vital sign and predictor of conditions including depression, hypertension, sleepiness, and respiratory illness.

While people who were jobless were far more likely than those with jobs to report heightened symptoms of depression—about one in four people—the survey suggested that being unemployed is just as hard on your mood now as it was pre-pandemic.

Just as natural as the fact that when your depression looks the other way, you might find an old sensation returning.

That means that though it’s not approved to treat depression, patients can legally use it for this purpose if their doctor provides them with a prescription for so-called “off-label” use.

The team is now building a prototype device for human use, with the first goal being to use it to help people with depression in three years.

A mind that won’t stop racing can be a sign of depression or anxiety.

The idea was that zero rates were necessary to prevent a depression and to help the economy rebound.