Encouragement [noun]

Definition of Encouragement:

help, support

Opposite/Antonyms of Encouragement:

Sentence/Example of Encouragement:

We felt this opportunity was a new and unique way to provide the opportunity and encouragement to our employees in stores across the country to become more involved in the democratic process without worrying about sacrificing a shift at work.

But, she says, even though shoppers need all the encouragement to buy these days, this trend is not only a pandemic story.

Warm public markets can help with exit valuations and provide encouragement to private investors to keep investing in SaaS startups.

But, over the past decade, with encouragement and funding from the Gates Foundation, the field has agreed on a standard assay and designated just a few laboratories that are certified to carry out standardized testing for all vaccine candidates.

For such a tiny glyph, an emoji carries a lot of power—adding a dose of levity to a conversation or providing some much-needed encouragement to a friend.

The artists of Oosterbeck and Brussels, who were her associates, materially aided her by their encouragement.

A heavy rain had fallen in the afternoon, and he lingered in her company at her invitation and encouragement.

Receiving small encouragement in England, he applied to sugar-cane planters to give his engines a trial in the West Indies.

On the threshold of my new work such encouragement greatly cheered me and increased my determination to do my best.

During the eleven months since he had left England he had experienced neither encouragement nor flattery.