Confidence [noun]

Definition of Confidence:

belief in oneself

Synonyms of Confidence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confidence:

Sentence/Example of Confidence:

Put your foot down, and the car plows forward with the confidence of internal combustion.

Men, on the other hand, generally tend not to suffer such qualms and, as a result, seem more willing to aspire to challenging positions, with the hope and confidence that they will grow into the job.

He was alternately starting and coming off the bench, and whether it was his role or his confidence or something else entirely, things just … weren’t clicking.

If their confidence wavers, they’ll pull their money out and stop using the bank.

As confidence in government decays because of mismanaged pandemic responses, trust will likely shift to the local level.

Each mini-success gives us confidence and improves our quality of life.

We live in a coed world, but we are talking about girls, we work with girls five to 18 and want to give them that confidence and those skills so that they can be successful in life and navigate the world.

The level of confidence in their understanding of issues, which participants were asked to report at the start of the experiment, was drastically reduced after they tried, and failed, to demonstrate their understanding.

With childlike confidence he follows the advice of some more or less honest dealer.

We have been in the profession some years, Mr. Pickwick, and have been honoured with the confidence of many excellent clients.