Presumption [noun]

Definition of Presumption:

belief, hypothesis

Synonyms of Presumption:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presumption:

Sentence/Example of Presumption:

To the disgust of the latter, Robert actually had the presumption to walk home with Hester.

What if to her mother the mere idea of having a calling should seem a presumption!

The presumption is that they represent the old sepulchers of the kings of Meroe.

To folly, to pretension, to presumption, he showed but slight forbearance.

Not that I intend to enter the lists with Peter; that would be presumption indeed.

How I could ever have had the presumption I cannot imagine.'

That would be presumption indeed, not to say wilful self-deception.

She may not indeed put on the insolence of pride, and the fool-hardiness of presumption.

When children of Temple women are taught dancing the presumption is all the greater.

We may therefore begin by claiming this presumption in their favour.