Shot [noun]

Definition of Shot:

try, chance

Synonyms of Shot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shot:

Sentence/Example of Shot:

He was so good they shot him all up one night last fall over to Wardner.

Tommy also shot an emu that came to water, and which we carried to camp.

On our way Tommy Windich shot a red kangaroo, which we carried to camp.

Ten emus came to water; shot twice with rifle at them, but missed.

Shot six ducks; great numbers were in the river, also white cockatoos.

Windich shot three emus that were coming to the water, and we all had plenty of them to eat.

Windich and Pierre shot three emus; a great many came to water.

Windich shot a wurrung, which he said had lately drunk water.

But as I gather it, after you shot Bill Dozier you simply sat on your horse and waited.

Shot a damn cock pheasant by mistake, and had to bury the thing in my own covers.