Attempt [noun]

Definition of Attempt:

try, effort

Synonyms of Attempt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attempt:

Sentence/Example of Attempt:

The orange dot is part of a broader attempt by Apple to burnish its reputation as a privacy-conscious company, and to differentiate the iPhone from Android devices, where privacy controls are more loose.

Barr’s speech Wednesday, then, was an attempt to argue that all of these actions on his part were not only defensible, but good and necessary.

First, a commanding officer must review and approve all search warrants before an officer seeks judicial approval for the warrant, in an attempt to calculate and assess risk.

This is not an attempt to whitewash our waste, to bury the toll that humans are taking on the planet right now.

He said the operation reflected an attempt by Turning Point Action to maintain its advocacy despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, which has curtailed many traditional political events.

Using liquid to cool chips is much more efficient, but most attempts so far have involved retrofitting some kind of radiator-like device onto the chip as an afterthought.

All the while, the other captive queens keep up their quacking and attempts to escape.

A number of networks now think they went too far, and in an attempt to better compete with ad-free platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, have reduced time devoted to ads.

Of those attempts, about 150 were successful breaches, but Microsoft didn’t identify the victims other than to say they weren’t associated the presidential campaigns.

If a subscriber drops below that threshold, it will use push articles in front of that reader using paid social ads in an attempt to reengage them.