Attack [noun]

Definition of Attack:

physical assault

Synonyms of Attack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attack:

Sentence/Example of Attack:

In their shelter, Brion and Ulv crouched low and wondered why the attack didn't come.

On to Gaba Tepe just in time to see the opening, the climax and the end of the dreaded Turkish counter attack.

Then the enemy's howitzers and field guns had it all their own way, forcing attack to yield a lot of ground.

But the strength of his arm, and the bravery of his heart could not have defended him long against their determined attack.

Uric acid is decreased before an attack of gout and increased afterward, but its etiologic relation is still uncertain.

If so, it is to be hoped that, wise man as you are, the first attack of this disorder was also your last.

Then it appears that the rebels delayed their attack until the arrival of their chief, hourly expected.

The attack was commenced by the allies under Blucher upon the French centre, with a fury irresistible.

Our beloved Queen had drawn the teeth of the Turkish counter-attack on our extreme left.

So, small as his force was, only one hundred and eighty, he determined to move out and attack Porter without delay.