Flight [noun]

Definition of Flight:

flying; journey

Synonyms of Flight:

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Sentence/Example of Flight:

It would be easier to gain FAA certification if they simply converted a tried-and-true existing airplane for robotic flight.

Nonetheless, there is clear evidence of airborne transmission risk on passenger flights.

Palantir Technologies, the data-mining company on the verge of going public, is moving to Denver, following a flight from Silicon Valley by chairman Peter Thiel and CEO Alex Karp.

The most common cancellations outright with little to no chance of getting a refund have been for hotel and flight reservations as well as live concerts.

The unprecedented logistical challenge of delivering more than 15 billion Covid-19 vaccines will be made even harder by the drop in passenger flights as people stay home during coronavirus.

In August, Georgia — which has reported only about 1,250 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths — is expected to begin crawling out of international isolation after reopening to commercial flights.

It was 1962, early in the computer age, and a room-sized machine had calculated the flight path for his upcoming orbit of Earth — the first for an American.

The idea did not achieve prominence until 1996, however, when Gandhi Viswanathan and colleagues proposed that albatross flights were a Lévy walk.

Combes is a biologist who studies insect flight at the University of California, Davis.

Scientists think that flight may have led bats to evolve stronger immune systems than other mammals.