Soaring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Soaring:

There were, he continued, two different modes of soaring flight.

My captain is an eagle, both as respects his eye and soaring wings.

The soaring Kate, bearing her less brave sister in her arms, has fallen.

Tyndall's scientific ballast cannot keep him from soaring in a similar manner.

Then the soul spreads wings into the blue and sings to Him like soaring lark.

In a year or two more it will be airships or soaring machines.

He had ceased to live, it seemed, and was soaring through Eternity.

Still she climbed on, keeping the soaring eagles always in sight.

He remembered this and had a moment of soaring pride and of unutterable dismay.

Remember that, unlike the zebra, they are tamable in captivity, you'll be soaring with me yet.