Towering [adjective]

Definition of Towering:

huge, excessive

Opposite/Antonyms of Towering:

Sentence/Example of Towering:

Buck would turn on his heel and stand, towering, in the door.

The log cabins he had known were replaced by towering buildings.

The towering figure that stood before him seemed a stranger to his eyes.

Professor Sykes pointed to the towering latticework of steel.

The towering minarets and mountain-tops caught the golden rays.

When you see the towering crest of the wave, I expect you to take pity.

He looked at the towering cliff, but there was no sign of his man in that direction.

John Storm laughed, and that provoked her to towering indignation.

Above their heads Csar was towering with fiery eyes and face aflame.

Towering above the heads of any in that room, I held my whip menacingly.