Short [adjective]

Definition of Short:


Opposite/Antonyms of Short:

Sentence/Example of Short:

In a short time, I shall not have sufficient strength to impart all I have to say.

But the short of it is, Henry found himself facing work or starvation.

Paris on short notice will be cosily and coaxingly intimate.

I never knew a man to get so intimate on short acquaintance.

The narrative was broken off short by a cry of jubilee in the court.

And Dennet,” Stephen added with a short laugh, “she could not wait for you.

But then the Pasteur was short, and his brother was a dwarf.

Cut deeper; the knife is too short: deeper, mia brave Corneliolina!

There is no short cut to the making of these ideals into glad realities.

But his croup sloped down too much, and he had a short neck.