Momentary [adjective]

Definition of Momentary:

brief, fleeting

Opposite/Antonyms of Momentary:

Sentence/Example of Momentary:

Would that I could dwell always in these momentary gleams of light!

The momentary softening of Garson had given her new courage.

When she spoke there was little to remind me of her momentary loss of self-command.

For half an hour I was in momentary expectation of his departure.

His momentary consternation afforded Pete the opening he needed.

Perhaps some momentary recollection of the story of the Princess may have been in her mind.

Joan heard the words, and, turning, looked at Cornish with a momentary doubt.

Yet she felt ashamed, too, of her momentary faithlessness to Pee-wee.

She looked at him in what seemed to be a momentary grave puzzlement.

"My name—is Alice Betts," said the other, after a momentary hesitation.