Ephemeral [adjective]

Definition of Ephemeral:

momentary, passing

Synonyms of Ephemeral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ephemeral:

Sentence/Example of Ephemeral:

There’s no ephemeral rush of terror from scaling icy chimneys or descending hillsides.

Premium over ephemeral seems to be a differentiation strategy that’s worked so far for Triller.

Honk introduces a real-time, ephemeral messaging app aimed at Gen Z — Instead of sending texts off into the void and hoping for a response, friends on Honk communicate via messages that are shown live as you type.

We also knew that given the ephemeral nature of transits, the odds of an Earth-size planet transiting a sun-like star were only about 1 in 200.

For RVers, this stretch of canyon country is a perfect winter journey thanks to the smaller crowds and ephemeral views of dazzling snow on red sandstone.

Something that’s so powerful but so ephemeral speaks to the cognoscenti in certain cultures.

Unlike, other Stories, those on Pinterest aren’t ephemeral, meaning they won’t disappear after a set period of time.

Do not suppose that I mean to recommend poor music, or feeble, ephemeral compositions.

The Widow Lawton ornamented her kitchen floor in a manner as ephemeral, though less expensive.

Another ephemeral paper, L'Italia del Popolo, was launched on its short career.