Interminable [adjective]

Definition of Interminable:


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Sentence/Example of Interminable:

She lost herself in the interminable corridors and finally ran into Elton Gwynne.

Finally, after what seemed an interminable period of waiting, Mac's patience frazzled out and he declared for action.

However, revolution followed revolution, and the war appeared to me to be interminable.

Such a course would tend only to bloody and interminable anarchy.

The gently rolling prairie stretched to a creek on one side, and to interminable distance on the other.

A silent, grim procession in the moonlight it was, and it helped the girl to bear the solitude of those two interminable days.

"If I could be sure he is painting all this interminable time," said Kano to himself, wringing the nervous hands together.

He had his day to himself, the whole of an interminable day which he spent in rushing about Paris in search for an employment.

She lived in an order of time that was all her own, solitary, interminable, not to be measured by any clock or sun.

"It is nearly four o'clock; that interminable council must surely be over," she thought to herself.