Uninterrupted [adjective]

Definition of Uninterrupted:

continuing; unbroken

Synonyms of Uninterrupted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninterrupted:

Sentence/Example of Uninterrupted:

All night long the troops were pouring in in an uninterrupted stream.

If only he could find time for six months' uninterrupted work!

Their progress was steady for some time, uninterrupted by ill luck of any kind.

For perhaps five minutes the cheerful fire crackled on uninterrupted.

On and on Jim went in uninterrupted, almost breathless silence.

Cassy had seen him go and had seen too uninterrupted hours in the music-room.

Uninterrupted, they marched to within a few hundred yards of Prospect Hill.

Up to this time his career had been an uninterrupted success.

This will insure the uninterrupted 60 use of the thin register to the lowest note.

The uninterrupted use of drugs is an enforced privilege of every citizen.