Discontinuous [adjective]

Definition of Discontinuous:

broken; intermittent

Synonyms of Discontinuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discontinuous:


Sentence/Example of Discontinuous:

Modifications of the system have been adopted for bridges with discontinuous spans.

They were discontinuous lumps of flesh sharing a common vocabulary, yet not even truly discontinuous.

Only the facts are so discontinuous so far that possibly all our generation can do may be to get 'em called facts.

Sterilise these coupled flasks by the discontinuous method, in the usual manner.

Species are definitely discontinuous, and this is the only discontinuity which Nature shows us.

Space would be composed of points very numerous, but discrete; it would be discontinuous.

Many of them exhibit what is known as "discontinuous distribution," which zoologists are agreed to regard as a sign of antiquity.

M. campestris—the Yellow Wagtail—has a most peculiar discontinuous range.

One only, H. thoracicus—an instance of discontinuous distribution—occurs in Andalusia.

There are a great many instances of discontinuous distribution among Oriental Invertebrates.