Muddled [adjective]

Definition of Muddled:


Synonyms of Muddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muddled:

Sentence/Example of Muddled:

Their own thinking was so muddled, their views of life so out of gear.

No one has ever told what you are—muddled, criminally muddled.

That morning, in his glass cage, he muddled his columns several times.

Ward wished devoutly that he could clear his thoughts; they were muddled.

Inside his muddled head, however, he was chuckling to himself.

Things had been going so nicely, and now they were all muddled.

Poor Ascanie was so muddled that he forgot all his instructions.

The incisive tone, low as it was, penetrated the man's muddled brain.

She smiled sadly, for it was, indeed, a confused and muddled world.

In fact, you were more than once a trifle—shall we say 'muddled.'